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          美食大街 (Food Street)
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          •         Food Street is a restaurant simulation and management game that lets you create, design and decorate your own restaurant! Build, bake and design in a restaurant...

          美食大街 (Food Street)

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          Food Street is a restaurant simulat [详情]

          Food Street is a restaurant simulation and management game that lets you create, design and decorate your own restaurant! Build, bake and design in a restaurant game that puts you in charge of your very own business. Make it you own bakery, cafe or food truck game! Start farming your own ingredients, cook food and prepare original recipes in a stunning 3D city filled with delightful characters! This food game lets you create and serve food for all your customers while you run your own kitchen. Make sure your restaurant is designed to hold tons of hungry customers and feed them too! Master this restaurant management game and have endless cooking fun in one of the most addicting games around! What will your restaurant story be? --------------------------- FOOD STREET FEATURES ? Build Your Restaurants! ~ Build your restaurant and garden from the ground up! ~ Expand your kitchen with new stations for different foods. ~ Design your restaurants by purchasing items and staff uniforms to give your cafe a personal touch, even for the holidays! ~ Make a number of unique and cool restaurants, whether it is cafe, diner, or bakery themed, by purchasing decoration. You can even make it a food truck game. Farm Your Own Ingredients! ~ Farm for ingredients in your own garden and use them in all of your dishes! ~ Start farming and building more farm plots to grow more ingredients! ~ Search for more land to expand your farm and growing restaurant! ~ Raise your own cute pets to attract customers, build a cafe or diner and adopt dogs, horses, pigs and more ? Cook Amazing Food! ~ Cooking and baking made easy with simple gameplay and fun characters. ~ Cook food on your own schedule without the stress of time limits and start serving your customers! Serve Your Customers! ~ In this food game you’re the chef! Start cooking food for your customers and keep them happy. ~ Serving games let you cook for free in this fun restaurant game with stunning 3D graphics! ? Restaurant Management! ~ Fans of food games will love managing their own restaurant! ~ Create multiple restaurant layouts to promote your business in a fast-growing city. ~ Decorate your restaurants using Food Street’s restaurant upgrades! ~ Experience fun and exciting restaurant management games without the pressure of a time limit. ? Online Food Management! ~ Manage your restaurant story like no other food games: Collaborate in restaurant Food Clubs to compete in friendly competitions. ~ Play food games in online Food Clubs where you and your friends trade recipes and cook together. ~ Participate in restaurant games with your friends! Food Street is the perfect restaurant management game for any fan of baking, farming, food truck games, or just food games. Design your own restaurant city and decorate it according to your style! Don’t wait any longer. Make your own restaurant story! Download Food Street today! PLEASE NOTE: Food Street is free to download. However, purchases can be made in the game for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings and play your food games for free. A network connection is required to play. --------------------------- SUPPORT If you’re having problems with Food Street, we’re very sorry. Our friendly resturant team is ready to help run your food truck game and live your restaurant story! Please visit: http://www.supersolid.co.uk/forum/index.php?forums/feedback.26/ Privacy Policy: http://supersolid.com/privacy/ Terms of Service: http://supersolid.com/tos/


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