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          Mahjong Gardens: Butterfly World
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          •         Enjoy hundreds of mahjong solitaire puzzles and explore the stunning world of butterfly gardens! There’s so much for mahjong lovers to enjoy – match tiles, coll...

          Mahjong Gardens: Butterfly World

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          Enjoy hundreds of mahjong solitaire [详情]

          Enjoy hundreds of mahjong solitaire puzzles and explore the stunning world of butterfly gardens! There’s so much for mahjong lovers to enjoy – match tiles, collect & craft rare treasures, rescue and evolve your very own pet and much, much more! Simply match tiles with the same picture to clear them off the board – the level is finished when all the tiles are cleared! Discover rare treasures and puzzle pieces on your journey through unique worlds and use the puzzle pieces to unlock stunning HD Mahjong Butterfly artwork. Any artwork you unlock is yours to keep! If you get stuck on a level – don’t worry! Just click on the hints button to see available moves. Our levels are designed to always be solvable so you’ll never be in a position where the game is impossible to win. Hooray! ---------------------------------------------------------------- MAHJONG GARDENS: BUTTERFLY WORLD ---------------------------------------------------------------- ? Mahjong solitaire puzzles with a butterfly world theme ? Easy to understand gameplay suitable for all ages ? Helpful hints are always available when you need them ? Match tiles on an epic journey with over 100 levels ? Rescue and evolve your own pet! ? More maps, features & levels added every month! ? Normal and challenging expert modes for mahjong solitaire masters ? Bonus levels with various ways to play ? Collect Mahjong Butterfly artwork, save & use as a HD background ? Complete dark dungeon levels in each map to earn HUGE rewards ? Free daily rewards & coins for playing ? Unique themed tiles for each stage ? Replay each level as many times as you like to earn more coins ? Earn coins to unlock lots of exciting mahjong boards ? Play mahjong offline for free, no wifi needed! About Difference Games Difference games is a publisher dedicated to producing high quality games that combine fun game mechanics with stunning graphics and collectable artwork. Each Mahjong game is continually updated until it has 30+ lands to explore. Every land has 20 beautiful themed artwork images to unlock giving you 100s of beautiful images to discover. In addition to the time our programmers spend building the game itself you will get to enjoy artwork which took 1000s of additional hours to create. From maps and characters to custom tiles, each element is there to provide our players with the best gaming experience possible. In this game we partnered with PhatpuppyArt.com, a studio specializing in book covers for best selling authors. They have designed 725+ book covers to date -- some of the authors you may know. If you love Mahjong we have crafted many unique and distinct worlds in which to play. The core ‘mahjong matching’ experience will be familiar but you will have entirely new worlds, art and characters to explore! EXPLORE BUTTERFLY GARDENS ON A RELAXING MAHJONG ADVENTURE - DOWNLOAD TODAY!

          开发者:Beautiful Free Mahjong Games by Difference Games

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